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Hottest Feature of Ivy Exec – Mentor Network

Ivy Exec is popularly known for its job recruiting services among all the leading companies and qualified professionals. It has been successfully meeting significant need of countless companies by helping them in screening the applicants. Ivy Exec has launched the new Mentor Network, which allows members to search, browse as well as meet willing mentors online.

What to Expect – Mentor Network

This hottest addition to Ivy’s suite of ground-breaking career resources has developed to a great level particularly to match budding stars directly with experienced executives in a purposeful way. The Mentor Network of Ivy is the very first such involvement which interacts directly with potential mentors for significant interactions online. The firm conceived the idea as a way for aspiring members of the firm to gain essential career intelligence and advice. Very soon, the firm received an extremely enthusiastic response from the seniors of the firm, who were keen to take the position of mentor. The mentors are the senior executives, counting Managing Directors, CEOs, and CFOs from the list of Fortune 500 companies.

Thoughtful Features of Ivy

Ivy Exec offers a great forum under its mentorship program combined with thoughtful member matching along with precise video chat technology. Such features set this firm apart from the other websites as they form a professional community, which is mainly centered on finding jobs versus building careers. The Mentorship Program offers the senior executives the opportunity to share their perspectives and insights with others people who seek success and personal growth in their professions.

Each member of the firm can schedule a mentorship session online with a new mentor every month. This is the first career community created online that is exclusively designed for high qualified professionals carrying an executive job hunt. Ivy helps the qualified professionals to find exclusive MBA jobs, $100K jobs, jobs in finance and consulting jobs with the leading companies. These companies utilize Ivy’s services to recruit the top tier applicants from the Ivy’s exclusive talent community. The firm offers exclusive facilities to its members along with quick notifications about latest vacancies throughout the world.