Holiday marketing touchpoints

This may seem obvious, but have you ever noticed the increased advertising in print, television and radio whenever there is a holiday? That’s because holidays give people excuses to buy things. Holidays (no matter how small) are great opportunities to stay connected with your customers.

Are you connecting with your prospects during the holidays? If not you are passing up valuable opportunities. Many online retailers are aware that holidays are big buying times, but I haven’t noticed  many internet direct marketers filling my inbox with targeted promotions during the holidays.

I was reminded of this when I realized that Mother’s Day is coming soon. I think Mother’s Day is really a universal holiday, and not many people would be offended by receiving a Mother’s Day promotion.

I bought my mother a day at the spa with a relaxing massage, facial, and pedicure. If I were a spa owner with a list, there’s no way I would let an opportunity like Mother’s Day pass me by. I can think of dozens of ads that could be created for Mother’s Day promotions. If you are doing email promotions and don’t have any holiday emails planned you should sit down right now and plan which holidays you will promote to your list. These should be included in your autoresponder series in addition to all of your other autoresponder messages.

Holidays are also great opportunities to cross promote affiliate products. For instance, going back to the spa owner as an example. The spa owner must be aware that women are sensitive about their weight. And, well…lets say that Thanksgiving or Christmas is right around the corner. Think about it. Thanksgiving and Christmas are times when people dress up to attend parties and reconnect with family etc… The last thing women want is to look overweight. So…in addition to regular spa services that you normally promote, now would be a good time to signup with an affiliate that offers a free trial of the latest greatest diet pill. If you have a list of loyal customers this is an excellent way to increase the lifetime value of those customers.