Facebook Timeline: 10 Tips for Business Page Success

Facebook is now more visual than ever and will allow brands and businesses to tell their ‘story’ online.

Here are my top 10 tips to get your Facebook page ready for business!

1. You need a cover photo: To get started, upload a cover photo to showcase your company. The ideal size is 851 x 315 pixels if you want to give it a go yourself. Just click on “Add a Cover” near the top-left of your Facebook page, and choose “Upload Photo”. We recommend that you use a custom made image that portrays what your business is about. Remember to adhere to Facebook guidelines no obvious call-to-action or promotional messages.

2. The profile photo is smaller. The new profile photo appears beside all your posts as a box beneath the cover photo. This is a good place to use your logo or a photo of yourself if you are a sole trader. (NB the size has increased recently)

3. New ‘About’ Section – The about page used to be hidden in the info tab on the old page layout. Now, it’s at the top underneath the profile picture. Consider rewriting it to keep it short and concise. A mission statement will work better than a long essay describing all the products or services that you offer.

4. How Posts Are Displayed With Timeline, you can control how posts are displayed on your page in two ways. Firstly you can choose to ‘pin’ a post to the top of the page for up to seven days. This is useful if you want to highlight an event/competition or relevant story as it ensures it is the first thing someone sees when they visit your page. Secondly, there is an option to ‘star’ a post or highlight it, and this increases the width of the post or image to the whole Facebook page. This is good for key events or photos that you want to highlight. Remember though that pinning or staring posts will make them visible on your page but if you want to remind your fans about something regularly you still need to update your status or implement another communication tactic.

5. Shout about Company Milestones – You can now create company milestones in your Timeline. This is a fantastic way to showcase company history and development on Facebook and really tell your brand’s story. Ideas are: company launch, key staff members joining the business, new product launches, key company events, territory expansion. Think of creative ways to showcase this. Being able to create company milestones on your Timeline will give you an easy way to translate company history to Facebook.

6. Control Posts on the Activity Log – the new activity log lets you manage your page in a more effective way. This administration panel lets you hide and reveal posts, “star” posts to feature them, and change post-dates.

7. New Admin Panel – The new admin panel now appears for admins of a page, when they click on the page. Rather than needing to log onto a separate admin section, this means you can instantly see what is going on and view page statistics easily. Furthermore the insights are improved too. Insights is Facebook’s own analytics tool, which tells you who’s talking about your company page through “Talking About This.” It also tells you how many people the conversations are reaching, through “Reach” and a host of other useful metrics. While Insights isn’t new, its integration with the Admin Panel makes it more accessible.

8. Private message feature – previously Facebook fans could only communicate with a page via wall post. The new admin panel also features private messages from Facebook users. This means users can now message you directly. Be sure to let fans now that you are checking your Facebook inbox, as it will also help you manage social customer service. For example, if customer complaints used to appear on your wall the Facebook message feature should help you manage this in a more effective way.

9. Better Experience for users – When people visit your page, they’ll now be able to see their friends’ interactions with your company near the top of your company page. This gives Facebook users a personal experience when visiting your page, and builds trust in your brand. The only downside is that a negative mention from a visitor’s Facebook friend is also likely to show up here. This is a great feature for local businesses because social recommendation can really come to life.

10. Design changes – Apart from the Cover Photo, the main design changes are that tabs for pages and apps now appear below the cover photo and these can be customized. For example, creating bespoke images that act as a call to action. The dimensions for applications have also increased to a maximum of 810px wide (previously 520) meaning more space for your applications and custom pages. Don’t be too concerned if your current apps are still using the old width they will still work. When you are ready for a change speak to your social media consultant about the best option for you.

Why not have a look at your company Facebook page now and see what changes you could be making.