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Develop an appropriate CV for the right Job

A CV or Curriculum Vitae is a detailed document depicting your academic qualifications and professional career. Here my focus is to describe the essential parts of an appropriate CV that can help you in your job finding. There are many CV and resume builder websites that can arrange your CV in an appropriate manner. But I am going to tell you that how you can do it by yourself.

The first part of CV is always about your Contact Information like your full name, postal address, telephone numbers and email address. Then mention your Personal Profile like your date of birth, place of birth, gender and nationality. It is optional to mention your marital status, spouse name and number of children. After that you should give your Objective in one or two lines. The Objective should be in a precise format showing your capabilities and potential contributions to the prospective recruiter. The proceeding section is about your Employment History; here you are required to give the details of your professional experience in a chronological manner. List the names of firms you have worked for and clearly mention the responsibilities performed by you in bullet points. You are also required to mention the dates of working. Do not forget to mention any experience which may be helpful for your job recruitment.

In the next section, give details of your academic qualifications. Mention the names of degrees with fields of specialization, grades, awarding dates and Institutions. The proceeding section should describe any research work done by you and if it is published then you can also prov idea link to that. The next section may comprise of your Professional Qualifications where you can mention any other training courses and diplomas held by you like a computer diploma or a management course etc. In the proceeding section you can give the information about your achievements like any extra curricular achievements in sports, speeches, singing or any other field. It can help the prospective employer to know about your other hidden talents. In the next part you can mention the conferences and seminars that you have attended and also give your status in that like whether you were a speaker or a participant.

The next part should describe your Personal Skills like computer skills, language skills,management or leadership skills. You can also mention your aesthetic skills as many recruiters value that a lot. In the next section you can give your Personal Interests like sports, music or computer etc. In the end, you can give the references or can mention ‘Available upon request’. If you are able to develop an appropriate CV for a job position then it is likely that you get job offers from your desired employers because in many cases you do not have a proper job application available and a CV or resume is the only document that contains your complete profile. So you need to be very particular about this document as your future professional career is strongly relying on this document.